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Evaluation Challenge (STD)

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Your Forex Fund Privacy Policy

1. Controller and Contact Information

We, Your Forex Fund, are the data controller. Contact us at support@yourforexfund.com.

2. Information Collection

We collect your data directly from you when you use our services. This includes information provided by you and data automatically collected during service use.

3. Data Usage

4. Data Storage and Security

Your data is stored in encrypted databases on secure devices. Strict measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access.

5. Data Retention

We keep data as long as needed for specific purposes, such as up to 10 years for contract-related data.

6. Data Sharing and Transfers

We share data with service providers and may transfer with your consent or legal obligations. Third parties adhere to data protection laws.

7. Your Rights

Contact us at support@yourforexfund.com to exercise your rights, including access, rectification, erasure, and objection.

8. Policy Changes

We may update the policy and will notify you of any changes. Check your Client Section for the latest version.

Evaluation Rules of Your Forex Fund Challenge

Phase - I

  1. Minimum trading days: 5
  2. Maximum calendar days: 45
  3. Daily maximum loss limit: 5%
  4. Maximum Equity Loss Limit: 12%
  5. Challenge Leverage: 1:100
  6. Profit Target: 8%

Phase - II

  1. Minimum trading days: 5
  2. Maximum calendar days: 45
  3. Daily maximum loss limit: 5%
  4. Maximum Equity Loss Limit: 12%
  5. Challenge Leverage: 1:100
  6. Profit Target: 5%

Funded Trader

  1. Minimum trading days: 10 (Compulsory 10 days need to be traded to receive payout)
  2. Daily maximum loss limit: 5%
  3. Maximum Equity Loss Limit: 12%
  4. Challenge Leverage: 1:100

General Rules:

  1. Trading on restricted commodities or currencies will not be considered for qualification. Losses incurred by trading restricted items will be added to the total Profit and Loss statement.
  2. All forms of cryptocurrency trading are not allowed.
  3. The usage of any kind of Expert Advisors (EAs) is strictly prohibited throughout the trading journey.
  4. Trading during financial news events is discouraged due to the high probability of slippage and increased spread, which may lead to unexpected losses. The company is not responsible for any extra losses or violations of drawdown limits during news events.
  5. Trades executed (Open/Close) five minutes before, after, or during high-impact news events will not be considered for payouts. However, any resulting losses will be deducted from the account to discourage a gambling mentality.
  6. For promotional purposes, the company may use trader details such as name, payout amount, or conduct interviews.
  7. The company reserves the right to connect the trader's account (Demo/Real) to third-party tools like myfxbook to evaluate performance. Additionally, the company has the right to take Directional/Non-Directional trades to manage risk in both Evaluation phases and Funded accounts.
  8. A trader is allowed to participate in only one type of evaluation challenge or live account at a time. Users can scale up their account by demonstrating consistency.

Allowed Scripts to Trade (Evaluation & Funded Account(Demo Simulated)):

Refund Policy

  1. Refunds
    1. You can ask for a refund within fourteen (14) days without stating a reason.
    2. If you've started trading on your demo account within this time, you can't withdraw from the contract.
    3. Your refund will be processed via the payment platform within fourteen (14) days.
    4. Please make payments carefully. We don't encourage refunds for a simple change of mind.
    5. We take full responsibility for errors on our part.
  2. How to Request a Refund

    If you need a refund, email us at support@yourforexfund.com with the subject "Refund." Provide all necessary information for a smooth process.

  3. Refund During Claim Resolution

    You might not be eligible for a refund while a claim is being resolved.

  4. For Consumers

    The fee will not be refunded if the account is terminated in the Evaluation phase or before the first-month payout.

  5. Our Decision

    Refunds are given at our discretion and may be accepted or rejected.

  6. Fee Refund

    The fee refund will be provided along with the first-month Funded Account payout only.

  7. Bonus Payout

    Phase 1 & 2 bonus of 2% (Bonus will be calculated based on the target value) will be paid along with the first-month Funded Account payout.

  8. Contact Us

    For questions, email us at support@yourforexfund.com.