News and Updates

1. Major changes and updates in Terms and conditions for New and Existing Traders from January 2023 Onwards

(i). There will be no Bi-weekly payout from January 2023 onwards ,this will be applicable for all the new and existing live funded account traders.

(ii). The Live trader payout schedule will be only on monthly basis ,minimum 10 trading days and Minimum 2% profit can be considered.

(iii). The fee refund will be provided along with first month payout only

(iv). During Phase 1 challenge ,if daily loss limit reached,then trader can continue trading from next trading day(as a soft rule) this can be availed only once .

(v). Phase 1 & 2 bonus of 2% (Bonus will be calculated based on target value) will be paid along with first month Funded Account payout.

(vi). During Funded live trading, the trades executed (5 min Before ,After & in between) on High Impact News events , the profit/gain will not be considered for payouts, but the loss occured will be deducted from the account. This is to restrict the gambling mentality of the trader and hence by protecting our investor capital during events. ( Please refer our Economic calendrer for High Impact News ).

(vii). Usage of any Kind of EA (Expert Advisors) is Strictly not allowed thoughout the trading journey.

(viii). Fee will not be refunded incase account got terminated in Evaluation phase or before First month payout.

2. Extension and Reset

As all you know Our evaluation program consists of two phases, In Phase one a trader should clear the profit target of eight percentage and five percentage in phase two within a given time of forty five calendar days and thirty calendar days consecutively ,but you know that things may sometimes go wrong or they may not go as you plan so you can end up with not reaching the target profit at this given time , well in that case you can still have a chance to complete your challenge by getting an extension of fifteen days or a free reset of account.To avail this facility your current balance should be above initial balance and there should not be any day loss violation in your account. You can request for reset or extension once you are at the end of the initial trading cycle, you can check this inside your dashboard. You can email a request to

Note : In phase 2 we don't provide any reset / Extension so please complete phase 2 Evaluation within 45days from your 1st trade.

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