News and Updates

1. Major changes and updates in Terms and conditions for New and Existing Traders from January 2023 Onwards

(i). There will be no Bi-weekly payout from January 2023 onwards ,this will be applicable for all the new and existing live funded account traders.

(ii). The Live trader payout schedule will be only on monthly basis ,minimum 10 trading days and Minimum 2% profit can be considered.

(iii). The fee refund will be provided along with first month payout only

(iv). During Phase 1 challenge ,if daily loss limit reached,then trader can continue trading from next trading day(as a soft rule) this can be availed only once .

2. We are Introducing Express entry Challenge of $ 10k for experienced and well discplined traders . A trader can access live fund by completing only one phase (Instead of conventional two phases) of challenge by making 9% as profit target with a maximum drawdown of 6% and daily drawdown limit of 3% maximum. The Express entry fee will be non-refundable.

3. Extension and Retake

(i). Traders can take Extension (15 days)/ retake for completing their challenge in such a condition that he/she is failing to complete their challenge within the allocated 30 day timeframe and their current balance is above initial balance.This facility can be utilized only once. Any one of them can be availed,if choosing extension of days , after that retake will not be possible .

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